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Nicole Telesky The origin of a words definition can often be traced back years, decades or even centuries, thus allowing enough time for manipulation of its meaning to occur to where eventually the word becomes a commonly used, often randomly with little regard to its primary meaning. Such is the word “ghetto”. This word can be traced back into sixteenth century and here the twenty-first century, this original word has become part of our culture, but its current definition is far from original. The word ghetto has always been used to acknowledge a particular section of an area. In Venice Italy, it was used to describe neighborhoods where the city markets were located. The meaning then signified where the Jews in…show more content…
Or if you are wearing something you feel is really cool, you call yourself ghetto and throw up a peace sign, even if you’re dressed like your going to Disney World. These multiple uses have nothing significant to do with the actual word, yet people still think they sound culturally correct. So how should ghetto be used? It should be used by its original meaning, an area with people who are not a s well off, people who struggle and work hard. Similar to some of its other uses, it should describe the particular culture that comes from modern ghettos, like the street smarts and tough emotions. This should not be used stereotypically, just as a description. The only time it should be used in a proud way is when someone is talking about their past and how much they worked to improve their lifestyle. Ghetto was never a positive word, so its meaning should rarely be positive. Often people from the ghetto mock being ghetto, not advise it. People continually use the word in a correct form or in a stupid fashion. With any word, people should take into context the words original meaning. No word should change to a complete opposite connotation. Chances are, people still consider the past definition and find new ones offensive. The word ghetto should be used in this manner, arguing against the popular pop

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