Gilgamesh : A Hero Or Hero?

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What is a hero? Is it a person who is admired and seen as one with courage, nobility, and heroic achievements, humble , and helpful and always looking for other’s favors? Or is it someone who is forcing his will through tyranny to be praised as a hero? Of course it’s the first option. Gilgamesh is supposed to be a story of a hero with no comparison of his strength, power and nobility. But the truth about Gilgamesh is that all he is looking for is his fame and fortune. The king’s tyranny and narcissism had led his people to even say “should a shepherd savage his own flock? “(73) Gilgamesh was more like a celebrity who is doing charity in public and on television ,just so people speak about how great he is , and how kind hearted…show more content…
So the plan was effective Gilgamesh knew that Enkidu would be there at that time. So when Enkidu fought with Gilgamesh, he showed Gilgamesh how strong he was. And even with Enkidu being the one who lost and Gilgamesh the one that won, Gilgamesh was able to test his courage and strength by fighting him. He knew that if he won that time, he probably wouldn’t win the next time and he would have a very powerful person who can take everything from him especially fame. Therefore, he decided to be a friend of him, while still keeping him slightly below him as his subordinate. He could turn off the rise of Enkidu’s fame by putting him under his shadow, and he could use his strength, wildness and kind heart in more dangerous tasks that would give Gilgamesh more fame and make him into a hero that people would love and talk about forever making his name rise. Becoming Enkidu’s friend was a very wise choice, and would only benefit Gilgamesh to make his name lasting and in the mind of people. When Gilgamesh wanted to convince Enkidu to go with him to kill Humbaba, he said “I will kill Humbaba, I will make a lasting name for myself, and I will stamp my fame on men’s minds forever.”(Gilgamesh 94) He was talking about his name and his fame, as it was all what matter and that is the best thing in the world. It could be away of him to make Enkidu desiring the same too, but if that was true he would be more considering speaking about Enkidu’s power

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