Gimpel the Fool Essay

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With magnificent characterization and an outstanding point of view, the story "Gimpel the Fool", written by Isaac Bashevis Singer, clearly strengthens the age-old thought that repentance and good deeds will be rewarded with time. Gimpel's passionate yet innocent characterization play an important part in the story's meaning. The use of religious association and the use of forceful symbols aid the reader to choose the lesson learned in the work. Written in first person, we can easily understand the main character’s point of view. Helping the reader understand better the story using the three fictional elements: Plotting, Character, and Place or Setting.
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In the opening lines he says, "I don't think myself a fool. On the contrary" (Singer, 2004, p. 277). And to support that, in the last sentences, he mentions that some kids are taking advantage of him. By describing this, we believe Gimsel to be some kind of “Martyr and not a fool. His actions might describe him as a fool because of his virtuousness and innocence, but he believes in his heart and it tells him not to let anybody suffer not even himself. He rejects the devil and strongly believes in God and uses references of him turning to his rabbi for advice. Also, attending and respecting his church. Gimpel’s good and understanding heart by forgiving everyone for what they did to him shows he is much like God in his disposition. When he finds out his wife is cheating and he learns his children are not his, he still cares about them unquestionably. His actions show that he is humble and a good man.

Furthermore, Gimpel’s actions, him not believing in violence, make him out to be above that kind of behavior, which doesn't make him a fool at all. It makes the rest of the people look like fools. The townspeople are continuously telling him the stories about; "Gimpel, there is a fair in heaven", "Gimpel, the rabbi gave birth to a calf in the seventh month", and "Gimpel, a cow flew over the roof and laid brass eggs" and he believes these, that’s why he is perceived as a “fool”. In one occasion he reveals how his wife

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