Giovanni Battista Tiepolo's The Immaculate Conception

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Dear John, How are you doing, work and your family? I hope very thing is going pretty good. It is my pleasure to use this opportunity to write to you and inform you on my experience about my travel trip to Madrid Spain during the Easter holidays. Actually it was a great experience of a life time, I visited so many places but the most important and interesting that I want to share with you is my visit to the MUSEO NACIONAL DEL PRADO museum in Madrid, which I get to see “The Immaculate Conception” artwork. It was created by a roman artist Tiepolo, Giambattista during 1769-1769 in Rome Italy. Which shows the Virgin Mary appears on the globe of the World and the crescent Moon, stepping on the serpent of Original Sin and crowned by the Dove of the Holy Ghost. She is surrounded by angels and by some of her customary symbols, including a spray of lilies, a palm branch, a fountain and a mirror. The artist uses this scene to show the traditional manner of representing the Virgin’s Immaculate Conception, which occurred without Original Sin. Although it was expensive but I really learn a lot and had a good time, the air ticket to Madrid Spain was $1499, and I spent $1600 other expenses like local transport, food, gift and hotel, which cost 658 EUR, that $ 912 for 2 night at $456 per night. A number of countries are considered to be under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception by pontifical decree. These include Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Korea, Nicaragua, Nigeria,

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