Girls Should Not Play A Boy Sport

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Girls just want to play too

Society believes that girls should not play a boy sport. “Men and women don 't compete directly in most sports because of physiological differences, but auto racing is among the few where size and strength matter less and where men and women match wits and grit without any compensating allowances.”(Brady and Ryan, 2013) Anybody should be able to participate in any activity whether it is just for one gender. The same way boys are allowed to play on a girls’ team, girls should be able to do the same. First reason is cheerleading originally was not suppose to be a same sex sport. Secondly, girls can do just as much as boys can. Thirdly, how can any sport be categorize by a boy or girl sport; if it is something that either gender is good at, then they should be able to play it.
The reason girls should be allowed to play on a boys sport is because of cheerleading. Cheerleading is labeled as a girl sport and if a boy is on the team most of the time he is labeled gay or he has a lot of feminine ways. That is the same as saying that wrestling is an all boy sport and if the girls on there are playing then they are either gay or have manly ways. Which technically is not always true. If boys are allowed to play the most popular sport there is out there than girls should be able to play on an actually football team instead of labeling it powder puff. Sports that are just like a boys team are labeled completely different, in which they should all come

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