A Draft Persuasive Essay : Cheyenne Regnier

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Rough Draft Persuasive Essay Cheyenne Regnier
Throughout history, woman have been fighting for equality with men. This fight isn’t over and doesn’t stop with the right to vote or the right to wear pants. The progressive movements of feminism are starting to creep into younger generations, including, but not limited to young girls wanting to play on predominantly male-dominated sport teams. There are a lot of controversies when looking at this topic, saying there’s a natural strength advantage, it would be uncomfortable for a male to compete alongside females, among other reasons but ultimately, if the drive and effort is present, there are legal rights and no legitimate reason for woman to not be given the opportunity to prove themselves and normalize the incorporation of females to male sports.
Beginning with the most prevalent controversy, the obvious physical advantage males have over females. “Weight, shape, size, and anatomy are not political opinions but rather tangible and easily measured.” (Connor) This is a strictly a fact, that men have natural, biological, and evolutionary advantages in many aspects of physical exertion, however, it wouldn’t be fair to say that woman have no hope in physical dominance over any man in the 21st century. Females in male sports aren’t just sitting ducks waiting to be beaten, they have a similar polar edge including speed, flexibility, and quick thinking. Looking at an example of this, Massachusetts high school wrestler, Danielle
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