Give a Heart, Save a Life

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One of the most astonishing miracles of modern medicine is the ability to successfully transplant human organs. This can give someone a second chance to live, or simply have a better life than they ever thought possible. One of the greatest road blocks when it comes to people being organ donors is the lack of information, and the misinformation that surround organ donation. And because of this, the number of people on the donor list compared to the amount of donors is terribly unbalanced. Although there is a misconception that a doctor may not try as hard to save someones life if they are an organ donor, organ donation is a noble cause because it not only saves and improves lives, but it can also ease the mourning process for the family members of the deceased.

Being an organ donor saves lives. When someone passes away, their organs and tissues can be given to others in need. There are 11 organs and tissues in the body that can be donated, so one person has the potential of saving or improving 11 lives. Organ donation not only saves lives, but also provides a better quality of life for the reciprocal of the donation. When someone has an organ that doesn’t function properly, it can limit the quality of not only their life, but their families as well. Imagine a nine year old girl who can only sit in her house and watch her friends play outside in the warm sun, because her heart cannot sustain more than minimal physical activity without giving out. The quality

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