Giving Up Candy

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Giving up candy for Lent may seem very easy for most people to do, but for Danny seemed like it would be impossible to do. Lent is a religious observance that begins on the day of Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday, or approximately six weeks. It is a season where Catholics prepare for Easter and give up something important from themselves for forty days like Jesus did in the desert. This story took place in 2012 as a fifth grader and lasted a couple of days before Lent to the very end of Lent or around the months of February and March. This story is about how giving up chocolate for Lent like Danny did or any other major goal is possible if you stay focused and motivated.

It was a cold February day for Danny at his Catholic School and Church Saint Edwards. Danny had just completed Ash Wednesday Mass in the church. Danny now knew at the end of Mass that his worst nightmare had come
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“Can I talk to you about my Lent sacrifice? I don’t think I will able to complete the whole 40 days and I am worried.”

Father Breen looked at the him and thought for a minute.

“What is your sacrifice for Lent Danny?” Father asked.

“Well,” Danny said nervously. “It is candy. Before Lent I ate it a lot.”

“Well,” Father Breen said. “That is the point of a Lent sacrifice, Danny. You are supposed to give up something that is very close to you. It is supposed to make you feel like how Jesus was in the desert. Jesus also felt giving up in the desert sometimes, but he fought through it. That’s what you also have to do if you want to succeed at it.”

Danny thought about what Father Breen just said. He now understood what he needed to do to his sacrifice.

“Do you know what?” Danny said enthusiastically. “I feel like I have what I need to do fully on my sacrifice. Thank you for the advice.”

“No problem.” Father said. “Remember if you need any help with anything, I will be right here.”

“Thanks Father!” Danny
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