Glass Ceiling Women

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There has been a great advancement in women’s occupations. Although women have experienced some growth, there is still a gap in gender equality. The gap is prevalent in the United States and abroad. Women can have the same qualifications, competitive attitude, and aggression as men, but still lag behind men in the workplace (Why Can’t a Women Succeed like a Man, 2009). There is more work to be done to break the glass ceiling that blocks women from reaching the top.


• Qualified and skilled women
• Increase in women empowerment support
• Progression of women entering male driven occupations
• Increase the number of programs to assist women balancing a career and family
• Diversity (values, beliefs, and goals) (Australian …show more content…

Depending on who is asked, there are many different opinions and theories of this phenomenon. The research focuses on the progression of women equality and the effects. Considering women have come a long way to reaching levels of advancement, efforts must continue to shatter the glass ceiling. Today, women are equally skilled, highly educated, and have the drive to succeed. It is only fair that women are presented the same opportunities as their counterparts.

Furthering the progression of gender equality requires an understanding and respect of each other. Society must listen to all involved and understand each other’s assessment. Ignorance in an unacceptable excuse for the lack of awareness. Accountability in educating yourselves must take priority. Empowerment programs must continue to support women globally. Additionally, Corporations are encouraged to create programs to help women of childbearing years balance work and family. Programs such as extended maternity leave with pay, child care assistance (on-site day care centers), and support groups are favorable. Companies need stringent policies against discrimination and harassment of

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