Essay on Global Business Cultural Analysis South Korea

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Annotated Bibliography: Global Business Cultural Analysis of South Korea

Kim, J., & Zhong, Y. (2010). Religion and Political Tolerance in South Korea. East Asia: An International Quarterly, 27(2), 187-203. doi:10.1007/s12140-010-9112-1 This paper goes into great detail about the relationship between South Koreans’ religious and level of political tolerance. In South Korea, there are inter-denominational along with intra-denominational differences. The interdenominational (ethno-religious thesis) examines that the Buddhists in South Korea are more accepting than the …show more content…

Andrew, E. (2002). CHARACTERISTICS OF RELIGIOUS LIFE IN SOUTH KOREA: A SOCIOLOGICAL SURVEY. Review Of Religious Research, 43(4), 291-310. Andrew’s article is very informative to explaining how there are many religion throughout South Korea. Along with Christianity, there is Shamanism and Buddhism and even though the religions may have similar beliefs, all the individuals in South Korea have learned to live together peacefully. According to Andrew, there has been quick growth of religions in South Korea, especially Christianity. The article also explains how religion has branched out into the fields of health, mass media, education, etc. This article will be very helpful in providing information how Christianity has been considered the “success story” in South Korea and furthermore explaining how Buddhists have very low levels of major accomplishments in education.

Kim, A. (2005). Nonofficial Religion in South Korea: Prevalence of Fortunetelling and Other Forms of Divination. Review Of Religious Research, (3), 284. doi:10.2307/3512557 Nonofficial

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