Global Echoes Of Atlantic Enlightenment And Revolution

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Global Echoes of Atlantic Enlightenment and Revolution There are many different crucial sources that demonstrate the global influences of Atlantic revolutionary movements and Enlightenment views on human rights. Enlightenment philosophies of government and human rights ignited the revolutionary transformation in all of the Atlantic world. Political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic wanted to incorporate European Enlightenment concepts into their societies. Revolutions began to build on one another, taking the different ideas from other regions and implementing them into their own societies. The American, French, Spanish and Haitian revolutions triggered the development of new human rights all around the world. One of the primary sources that demonstrates the global influences of the Atlantic revolutionary movements and Enlightenment views on human rights is the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. This primary source was written by the French National Assembly including Marquis de Lafayette during the French Revolution. Thomas Jefferson served as an ambassador to France and also helped write the majority of the American Declaration of Independence. Because of Jefferson, the French and American declarations were quite similar. During all of the Atlantic revolutions, areas were trying to implement basic human rights for all equal men. The French declaration states that public misfortune and government corruption is caused by ignorance and neglect. With that…
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