Essay On Atlantic Revolutions

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The Atlantic revolutions provided the framework for democratic societies and the advancement of republican values. Influenced by the Glorious revolution in England, the revolutions of France and especially the American revolutions created a system where the citizen’s wellbeing is promoted just as much as those of their elected rulers. In contrast a king’s rule was that which benefited his power and wealth. The Atlantic revolutions established systems like the American government where the elected representatives have a duty to the American public to provide certain services to the masses. One of these such services that the government provides is the keeping of order and providing for the protection of its citizen’s as well as their property. Examples of governmental systems used to produce the desired outcome is the local police wherever you live. Additionally the military provides insulation from foreign enemies that wish to deprive American citizens of their life, liberty, and …show more content…

Therefore it is another one of the government’s functions to define and punish crimes. The government does this in many different ways including statues, laws, and mandatory minimum sentences. Statues and laws protect the general population by allowing police to arrest those who wish to aggrieve another’s property or body. Mandatory minimum sentences are an example of strict punishment for crimes usually relating to drug offenses. Whether or not they are effective is under scrutiny but unimportant for this example. They show that the government is in charge of writing the rules and then enforcing them equally without bias. For the most part many western countries including the United States of America does a decent job with this function. Law systems provide more civilized justice than an eye for an eye and are absolutely necessary for the functioning of advanced

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