Global Marketing Analysis of Importing Us Agricultural Tractors to Asia-Pacific Markets

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Global Marketing Analysis of Importing US Agricultural Tractors to Asia-Pacific Markets

1.0 Introduction
Generally, the Asia-Pacific markets include Australia, Hong Kong, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan and South Korea. The Asian-Pacific region is full of natural, social and economical diversity. Specifically, China has large amount of human resources due to its largest population while both New Zealand and Australia has powerful farming industry. From economic perspective, China and Japan belong to top-ranking countries with larges economic volume. Meanwhile, Hong Kong and Taiwan have maintain favorable economic performance and played an important roles in global economy. Overall, the
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2 2.2 Gross Domestic Product per Capita Research of Asia-Pacific Markets

Gross domestic product per capita is good for measuring the economical level of a nation directly (Bloom & Finlay 2009). With higher GDP per capita, the country will have stronger economic capability and purchasing power (Bloom & Finlay 2009). In this way, this paper will provide a weighting of 1.5 with GDP per capita within evaluation. Specifically, countries with higher GDP per capita in Asia-Pacific region will have stronger purchasing power of buying agricultural tractors from the U.S. As shown by Figure 2, GDP per capita of Asia-Pacific countries varies from each other largely. In particular, Australia, Japan and New Zealand are the countries with three highest GDP per capita. Based on this, Australia, Japan and New Zealand
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