Global Security And International Global Economy Essay

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Over the past decade, the world economy has been in trouble having to face multiple critical situations. In the world we live in today, it seems impossible to only choose one of ‘most’ critical challenges we are facing in our international economy. The amount of conflicting challenges the global economy is dealing with is absurd. A few major issues are: Environmental Security, Global Corporation, Political war/conflict, Globalization and so much more. Needless to say, global security and international organization (IO) are needed more than ever to help maintain a stable global economy. This paper will show why global security and IO is critically needed yet is not being effectively helping regulate the issues list above. Ultimately, this paper will suggest new ways to approach this critical issue the economy is facing today.
To gain an understanding of the upbringing of these challenges, we must first define what the international global economy is and the events that took place. It was developed by global interdependence of economic flows that connects to the global economy world. Some consider it as ‘economic sensitivity’, which is controlled by global management that set the norms, standards and needs for the international global economy. Looking at the historical events that took place in, can help explain why we are facing these critical challenges today. The evolution in terms of the changes in forms of governance, affairs and outcomes in the global
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