Sustainable Prosperity Essay

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“...the core values that underpin sustainable development - interdependence, empathy, equity, personal responsibility and intergenerational justice - are the only foundation upon which any viable vision of a better world can possibly be constructed.” Jonathon Porritt Globalization and sustainability are forces that are in constant competition. In this global game there emerges a clear victor and an inevitable loss. As a political, social, and economic force, globalization has expanded to encompass our global society; it creates change. As the light falls on those affected by globalization, the practitioner and the subject are brought forth and examined. Where there is progress and prosperity for all, we bring to question the extent to …show more content…

As a country progresses, its demand for natural resources—such as oil and lumber—grows; it is forced to look for internal sources and, failing that, can face a shortfall of progress. To prosper, the economy must turn to the global economy. It is then the role of global economies to provide the resources necessary for sustaining the country and, by doing so, sustaining its prosperity. As a nation’s economy is strengthened, the consumer develops a higher purchasing power and potential; education is instituted and social services are carried out. Communication between nation increases in the interest of trade and the exchange of information because of strengthening economic ties. Lacking globalization, an economy would be forced to limits its use of resources, restricting progress. As did the natives of Brazil live off of a burn cycle, so an isolated economy would have to relocate in order to replenish or face collapse. In an interconnected world today economies cannot relocate and prosper—that period of isolation has long since ended. The global economy now seeks to encompass all people in prosperity. Socially, the people of global economies are benefiting from the rapid spread of technology and information. As researchers search for the cures to various diseases, the most competent individuals are able to draw information from the entire world in order to stimulate their thought. This exchange of information is a definite benefit;

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