Global Trade: The Panama Canal

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INTRODUCTION: Panama, a country filled with beauty, culture and ample natural resources, is a land bridge located between Costa Rica and Colombia that connects both North and South America. In spite of its rich heritage and turbulent past, it is most known as the country where the Panama Canal is located. This channel connects both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and it is the main hub for the economic global trade between the west and east continents. Though the democratic nation is progressively recovering from periods of war, strikes and dictatorships, it has failed to capitalize on the Canal’s ability to increase the country’s economic position. As a result, many people turn to corruption and drugs for financial stability which negatively…show more content…
In the meantime, the National Security Strategy will strive to assist their allies in combating this $100 billion dollar industry, while also looking at advancing global trades between the Pacific and Atlantic…show more content…
However, they still have a long ways to go. For example, even though more women obtain some form of higher education than men, “…many female graduates are still forced to take low-paying job. Women's wages are, on average, 20% lower than those of men…” So despite having constitutional impartiality, women still do not have the same opportunities as men. At the same time, having some form of education significantly reduces a person’s chance of being or staying poor. Today, significant progress is being made to assist citizens in obtaining education and increasing the literacy rate. Unfortunately for most, race and class also plays a significant role in one’s level of success. “…Race relations today are largely based upon socioeconomic class. The country’s most powerful people tend to come from elite families with lighter skin and Spanish ancestry…” For these reasons, the majority of the poor in Panama are of African decent (known as Afro-Antillanos) and are widely discriminated against. Since these people generally live in run-down communities with little clean water, narco-traffickers take advantage of this inequality and use these individuals as smugglers in exchange for income. Even though the US faces it’s own battles of racism and gender equality, these issues don’t have such an extreme effect on an person’s livelihood as it does in Panama. So understanding this ahead of
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