Global Use of English in the Contemporay World: Bilingual Program in Columbia

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Global use of English in the contemporary world
School curriculum of Colombia was tested by various types of reform of introducing foreign languages such as French, Italian, German and English as well. (Anne-Marie de Mejia, 153p.) By the General Education Act 115 (1994) teaching system of Colombia should consist of as a minimum one external language. In year 2006 English was acquired in order to fulfill this purpose. (Gabriel Vicente Obando Guerrero, 182p.) National Ministry of Education (2006) explains current resolution as the opportunity to establish the country in the way of cultural frankness, overall communication and worldwide economy. Since many programs for implantation of English had been launched at that time, distinct denotation of term “bilingualism”, which directly underlines English–Spanish bilingualism, appeared consequently. One of the most long lasting programs that was inoculated by Colombian government, which is expected to bring great achievements, is “Programa Nacional de Bilingüismo” (The National Bilingual Colombia Program). It is supplemented by the project of president called “Educational Revolution” and anticipated to alter the teaching approach in this country. There are 5 basic aims to be realized: 1) improvements in teaching and learning system of English; 2) unceasing assessments of communicatory adequacy of students and teachers; 3) to support teachers in their professional growth; 4) involving the new media to the tuition of English;…