Global Warming And Its Effects On The United States

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In early 2013, the attention of the world was turned to the smog in China. The southern parts of the country were covered by dense smog that made it impossible for road transportation. While transportation might have been the most affected by the smog, there were also concerns about the health impacts of the smog on people. Analysts indicated that since the smog was associated with the heavy industrialization taking place in Southern China, it was possible that the smog could poison the people. As such, the movement of people was very limited until the situation normalized. While smog continues to be a major environmental problem in China, the situation is not unique to China. Many countries are struggling with devastating environmental conditions. For example, the 2010 drought and famine in the horn of Africa have been attributed to global warming and so is the increasing frequency and severity of hurricanes in North America. The main cause of these problems has been identified to be the dependence of the world on fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal. According to Rambo (2013), about eighty percent of the global energy supplies originate from carbon-based fuels, which are fossil fuels. This notwithstanding, their emissions are connected to environmental pollution. They are also linked to an escalation in global temperatures and interference with climatic patterns. On the other hand, it is has been reported that being exposed to indoor pollution causes respiratory

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