Global Warming And Poverty

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Global Warming’s Affect on Poverty One of the leading causes of poverty worldwide is global warming. Global warming is something that can’t be controlled, but it seems to increase the rates of poverty tremendously.
Although there are other factors that play a role in the increase of poverty, global warming takes the leading stand by increasing every year due to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.. It has been reported that if climate change has anything to do with poverty, approximately one billion people will be affected. That will lead more agriculturists to work to make the situation better.
However, as the years go on, agriculturists may find their task to be harder than usual. This will put more people at risk of being in poverty. Because global warming is powerful, millions of people are affected by it, and it can’t be controlled, it is the leading cause of poverty worldwide. Storms that happen because of global warming are putting a lot of people at risk of being in poverty. Some of them are so strong that it affects millions of people and leave them in poverty for a long period of time. Climate change has been named an obstacle towards ending poverty. Those that are already in poverty, have a higher risk of becoming more in poverty because of the lack of resources that are available for them. They often are the most vulnerable and because of that, they often choose vulnerable land because it is less expensive. Examples include living on a farm with little

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