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Do you have any clue as to what Earth will look like in 2100? Earth is constantly changing all around you. The air is getting warmer, hurricanes are gettign more powerful, glaciers are melting faster, and the sea level is rising. Here in 2100 all is these things are happening right now. The air around us is constantly getting warmer, in fact 2001-2010 was the warmest decade ever recorded. According to the article,"Signs of Climate Change", the average tempature on Earth is predicted to rise between 4-12 degrees by 2100. The major rise of temperature is later causing droughts to happen more and more. In present day the droughts are already starting to get more powerful, last longer, and happen more often. In 2100 they are way worse than present day and they are continuing to get worse. With the combination of really high temperatures and the drought we are not longer able to grow crops such as corn, cabbage, lettuce, and watermelon here in 2100. Climate change is also having an effect on the rain, snow, and the hurricanes. The strength of hurricanes are getting more and more powerful each year. According to a study done by, "Signs of Climate Change", in the 1950 hurricanes were between and category 2-3 …show more content…

In present day, the ocean is warmer now than it has been in the past 50 years. In the article, " Signs of Climate Change", it says that in 1960 the average ocean tempature change was -.3 degrees but in 2010 the average tempature change in the ocean was .6 degrees. Where I live the tempature is still continuing to rise more and more each year. With warmer ocean tempature comes rising sea level. In present day the sea level has rose by 7 inches in the past 100 years. In 2100 th tempature is around 15 inches higher than it is in present day. Both of these things are causing more tropical storms to happen and is also making the beach less and less

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