Global Warming And The Planet Earth

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Global Warming and the Planet Earth:
We Broke It and We Can Help Fix It!
Global warming is a problem, caused in large part by human activity, and as it stands, poses a monumental threat to the planet and all of its occupants; while mega polluters do not have an incentive to stop greenhouse gas production, we can, as individuals work towards the solution, greenhouse gas reduction, by improving our awareness and implementing the day to day measures necessary in achieving this goal. The purpose of this paper is to explore global warming, its causes and effects, in order to understand better what can be done to stop it. Global warming refers to the rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface, oceans and atmosphere due to the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases. These gases exist naturally, trapping heat and keeping the Earth warm enough for survival, but it’s the larger quantities of these same gases, produced by humans, trapping more heat in the atmosphere, having a negative impact on the planet. Many greenhouse-gas-emitting activities are a fundamental part of modern life, for example, Carbon dioxide, by far the largest offender coming in at ¾ of all greenhouse gas emissions, comes from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating buildings and powering vehicles. Methane, a close second of all greenhouse gases, comes from raising livestock for food and garbage thrown in landfills. Nitrous oxide, which predominantly comes from fertilizers; and
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