Global Warming: Not Our Fault

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Global Warming: Not Our Fault The earth is constantly undergoing changes. This ranges from tectonic activity to atmospheric and climate changes. The most recent change that we have noticed, is the increase in temperature. Some believe that this increase is the result of human activity. However, this is not the case. The increased temperatures are within the normal tolerances from the past few thousand years (Robinson, Robinson, & Soon, 2008). This and other changes to the atmosphere have been going on for millions of years. Global warming is not our fault because it is a natural occurring phenomenon. The increased temperatures are part of a natural cycle that the earth goes through. These cycles include both warming and cooling periods. The most recent warming period was approximately 1000 years ago known as the “Medieval Climate Optimum” (Robinson, Robinson, & Soon, 2008). During the Medieval Climate Optimum the average temperature was much warmer than what is now. 1000 years ago they didn’t burn hydrocarbons like we do now, and the temperatures then were warmer than they are now. 200 - 500 years ago the earth went through a cooling period known as a “Little Ice Age” (Robinson, Robinson, & Soon, 2008). We are currently recovering from that cooling period. During the Little Ice Age temperatures dropped well below average. However, a study of more recent history temperatures can also show that the climates are cyclic and not the result of human activities.

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