Globalization And The Participation Of The World Trade Organization

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In Peter Singer’s book, One World, in chapter 3 he discusses globalization and the participation of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The way Singer describes the claims against the WTO I found to be quite interesting because of the way he wrote it. He talked about the claim, then facts to back up the claim, and then he talked about why the claims were wrong based on facts that proved the claims were right. He discusses how the WTO is damaging the environment, isn’t democratic, is removing people’s sovereignty, and how it does the opposite of the Robin Hood Effect. The Robin Hood Effect is an economic term describing a reduction in inequality by money distribution; taking from the rich and giving to the poor. He makes reading the chapter easy by using a lot of detail to help the reader truly grasp what they are reading In chapter 3, the process by which the WTO operates is described. Also, how the World Trade Organization originated, its history. Understanding how the WTO runs and operates is crucial to understanding how they as an organization impact the economy. The chapter discusses how when a country has a small economic quarrel with another country the WTO steps in. The rules and regulations by which the WTO follows impacts the outcome and decision of a panel, made up of high ranking WTO workers, that help to decide which country involved in the quarrel is right and which country is wrong. The claims against the World Trade Organization include ecological
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