Globalization Has Improved The World

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Chapter 1-Globalization got my attention. The way our world works as an interconnected global marketplace has improved the way we interact, trade, and do business with other countries via telecommunication systems and transportation. While there are many positive ways that globalization has improved the world, there are also some extremely negative aspects as well. The book mentions the global recession that began in 2007 as a relevant example to any American. This recession is so significant because it originated from the United States collapse of the US sub-prime mortgage market and led to the reversal of the housing boom in other industrialized economies. With this greater interconnection, something negative like a market crash in a big contributor, like the United States, can cause a ripple effect that echos throughout the globe. Chapter 2-The Machine Metaphor got my attention. This metaphor is an understanding of organizations that highlights the ways in which organizations are specialized standardized, and predictable. This metaphor is relevant to me and anyone else that wishes to get involved in some sort of management field. I believe that without treating many aspects of running a business in a way that addresses the productivity that comes from the metaphors view, more than likely the business you are running or working for isn 't performing optimally. In most entry level jobs, there is a certain standardized way of training employees and carrying out day to day
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