Globalization Is A Form Of A New Market

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As our world has grown increasingly interconnected the practices in the field of business have changed in a way never seen before in history. With a globalized economy come many advantages for the western countries at the forefront of this development. Inexpensive labor sources, countless potential business partners, and a larger pool of potential customers have drastically increased profits for Western corporations. However, with these benefits many have come to question the morality of this form of business. Many have cited these advantages as being extremely one-sided and believe that a globalized market is simply a form of neo-imperialism. As a result, business has become a balancing act with leaders of the economy expected to balance …show more content…

Aside from Pearl Harbor the mainland of the U.S. remained completely untouched (Timeline). During the war new life was breathed into the economy, factories were built to supply weapons causing employment to skyrocket (World War). As a result America was the only country that possessed an industrial system capable of supplying the tools necessary for rebuilding the world. Eisenhower began providing the countries left in shambles with aide manufactured by U.S. factories, establishing America as a global leader. Because of this aide and these country’s lack of industry a system of global economic dependence on the United States began. The U.S. also began to help redevelop the economies and systems of self-sufficiency within Western Germany, Japan, and Britain to help it combat the Soviet Union and its allies (BBC, History). All the while the profits of American corporations skyrocketed (Modern). By taking advantage of these countries in their state of weakness and their dependence on U.S. manufactured goods, America entered the “Golden Age of Capitalism” (Modern). With the war’s end started an upward trend for the west, with the United States at the helm, towards worldwide financial hegemony. From the post war era to now America continued to utilize unsustainable business practices, leading to its position as the central economic hub of the world. With the top gross domestic

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