Globalization On Developing And Developing Countries

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Globalization is the process in which people from diverse cultures, societies and regions interact with each other and share their ideas. As we approach the broad concepts of globalization, it is necessary to promptly address the impacts of it on developed and developing countries. Globalization has affected every country and has led to some radical changes. It has had a direct impact on our daily life and has influenced our social norms, economy and political landscape. It has also provided an opportunity to people from diverse cultures to interact, which has led to a change in the way how people talk, dress and eat. The impacts of globalization are explored in "Globalization Has Harmed Developing Nations." By Lila Rajiva,"Globalization Benefits Developing Nations." By Steven Horwitz, “The Impact of Globalization in the Developing Countries” By Fairooz Hamdi and in “Globalization Benefits the World's Cultures” by Phillippe Legrain. These articles have analyzed the impacts of globalization on developing and developed countries rigorously. In short, I agree with Fairooz Hamdi’s viewpoint on globalization, which states that the overall positives of globalization outweigh the negatives and that Globalization will be beneficial in the long run.
"Globalization Has Harmed Developing Nations." By Lila Rajiva highlights the ongoing monopoly created by multinational companies. Through this article, Lila Rajiva argues that the biggest beneficiary of globalization has been these big

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