Globalization: The Rise Of Spain's Golden Age

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Spain was one of the most powerful nations of the world during the 16th century. This time was known as Spain's “golden age”. Spain had built up a treasury of gold and silver which made their economy very strong. Spain had also led many conquests to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean which expanded the size of its empire greatly and boosted its ability to trade goods with other nations. During the reign of King Philip the second, from 1556-1598, many nations rose up to challenge Spain. But, In 1566 there was a revolt with threatened to challenge Spain's rule in the netherlands and other Spanish settlements. Spain was beginning to have problems in its empire. In 1588 English and Spanish disputes over economic and religious issues led to war. Philip The Second sent large armadas to England in an attempt to subdue the nation. He continued his efforts against England and ended up draining Spain's treasury of gold and crippling its military. In 1598 Philip The Second was forced to sign the treaty of vervins which brought …show more content…

Philip The Third found himself in a position of great power and responsibility and was not prepared to handle it. However, he ended up making many decisions that rebuilt Spain to its former glory, and Spain was able to maintain peace and prosperity during his reign. He made many mistakes by giving his power to the nobles and spending large amounts of money on pointless wars, but ultimately he was an effective leader and Spain was able to maintain its power under his

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