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William Shakespeare has been known during and after his time as a literary genius. Yet, in addition to his noteworthy plays, he also contributed to his community by increasing the fame of The Globe Theatre. Since his influential role, the Globe Theatre has enchanted and attracted numerous visitors through the course of the years. Yet aside from this attraction, many of these individuals are not aware of the rich history behind this significant structure. However, with the knowledge of the Globe Theatre’s humble beginnings, rise to fame, and its role to modern day guests, the appreciation of this architectural beauty readily increases. And armed with this awareness, one manages to grasp the impact of the Globe Theatre on the past and present. …show more content…

Seemingly, guests were at first drawn in by the unique structural frame of the theater, but they continued to visit the playhouse due to the amusing plays. The reason the Globe Theatre’s frame stood out from other theaters attributes to perhaps its open air quality and attractive appearance. This design led to the increasing attendance of visitors plus, the fact of Shakespeare’s increasing popularity added to the visits of the masses. Two exclusive components of the Globe Theatre that did not take part in intriguing the public, including its intention and who funded the building. The theater’s sole objective of the reconstruction was for the use of a single acting troupe and this troupe happened to also sponsor the …show more content…

After its elimination, the Globe Theatre remained virtually unknown with only several individuals recalling its glory. This obscurity lasted until the 1970s when an ambitious American actor, Sam Wanamaker, undertook the task of rebuilding the Globe Theatre. During his project in 1989, the original building’s skeleton was uncovered and this discovery aided with Wanamaker’s attempt at replicating the original building. Wanamaker’s vision was ultimately completed in 1996, but the official opening took place the next year, much to the public’s satisfaction. Plays and events continue to occur at the Globe Theatre and do not fail to enchant theatergoers through the charm and grace of the

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