Gluten Free Fad Diet

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Jerome Fattakhov
Mrs. Ttribuzio
Period 11 Health Gluten Free Fad Diet

Spreading across nation is a hip new fad diet which excludes gluten from the menu. This topic is not black and white and many people do not know how the diet affects people’s health and where this fad diet originates from. To fully understand this topic a person has to know: “What is Gluten?” and as stated by Merriam Webster Dictionary it is “a substance in wheat and flour that holds dough together” (Anonymous). This means that the average person can in fact eat gluten, but that does not mean all people should eat gluten. Even though a gluten free diet can helpful to some specific types of people, it still hurts a majority of everyday people and this brings
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Certain disease including these two conditions: one being Celiac Disease and the other Gluten Sensitivity. In the case of these situations a gluten-free diet is a must and it is a various serious issue. As reported from a BBC News article on the subject of gluten free diets it was stated that “There are many alarming long-term effects of untreated coeliac disease, ranging from stunted growth to bad skin rashes and - in rare cases - intestinal lymphoma” (Anonymous Writer), when talking about the Celiac Disease. This disease is not so rare with 1 person in every 100 people having this disease as stated by a BBC article and 5.7% having to be careful eating too much gluten. Maintaining a strict Gluten-Free diet is the only way to cope with disease and in this instance a Gluten-Free diet is not a fad but a medical prescription. This gluten-free diet is only beneficial to people with the Celiac Disease, however so many people today have been misusing…show more content…
It is said that one-third of the American population have said no to putting any gluten in their diet as stated by a NPR article on gluten-free diets. The average person should be eating a large intake of grains though; however more and more people today are using this trend that should be eating a normal intake of gluten. The USDA’s (Center for Nutrition Policy) food pyramid clearly shows that grains should be eaten more than any other type of food; however people still say that gluten-free diets are good for a person’s health. An article about gluten-free fad diets by Jordan Reasoner states that “The growing gluten-free health fad is dangerous” (Reasoner). Jordan stated this because going gluten-free can weaken your body making you lose weight and muscle. Overall going gluten free is not beneficial for the average person and can only have negative effect, so why and how did all these rumors
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