Gmo's And Food Labeling

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1. Which question did you pick and why? (About a quarter of a half page) The question that caught my interest the most was GMO’s and food labeling. In my past biology class, we have studied about GMO’s and posed the argument if it was okay or not to leave products without the labeling. I became really curious about what kinds of food I eat that contains GMO’s without the labeling and surprising a lot of food we consume has GMO’s. I want to explore this topic a little bit more by disabling the ethical reasoning of why GMO’s should provide labelings. In my opinion, I think GMO’s should provide labeling on products which is very important. I would also like to look at different perspectives and other people’s views on this topic because it…show more content…
They often try to stay away from these genetically modified foods like corn, wheat, fruits and even in meat. It is said the GMOs consequences are largely unknown and once the genes have been modified, there is no going back. Though GMOs can be very helpful. Genetically modified organisms can provide and save plant waste by a bug resistant plant, survive in harsh climates and modify the size of plants. GMOs are safe for human consumption because we have been eating them for decades with no ill effects, but for people who don’t want to eat GMOs, products should show provide labeling. GMOs are safe to consume because they are simply an organism, like other organisms, have tens of thousands of protein, but two of those proteins are chosen to be modified by humans. Recently the FDA approved genetically modified apples to prevent them from browning and potatoes bruising. While people began to uprise to this change, the FDA claims that these new GMOs apples and potatoes are safe and nutritious to eat. The benefits of GMOs is the resistance to disease. Plants can now withstand harsh climates, make crops pest and parasite free, and eliminate bacteria in plants. Crops have become high in nutritional value, with high vitamins. For example, golden rice is packed with vitamin A which helps treat disorders. There is also environment benefits allowing livestock and crops to adjust to any environment. Lastly, it helps to boost our health foods add nutrients to our diet by incorporating essential minerals and vitamins, which helps keep future generations fit and
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