Go Ask Alice Analysis

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Go Ask Alice We often live our lives thinking we have it all figured out. We believe that we know what we know and that things are not different from it. For example, when we think of people having a mental disorder or having a mental illness, we think of the extremes. When we think of someone that suffers from schizophrenia, we often visualize someone being paranoid and feeling like they are always being either watched or stalked. We envision someone that cannot operate in everyday life and who is too mentally unstable to function as a regular civilian. We do the same with people who are prone to drug abuse. When someone mentions a “drug addict”, we think of someone who is probably homeless, sleeping on the ground, with a rubber band tied around their arm and a needle in the other. We always go to the extremes when it comes to these terms. The thing that we need to understand is that just because someone is labeled a specific name are not always necessarily the poster image that we think of. People who suffer from schizophrenia can become functional citizens. You cannot always spot a drug addict because they …show more content…

Reading “Go Ask Alice” did, however, change my perspective in to what type of teenager can get in to drugs. Alice was your ordinary girl that never showed the slightest interest in drugs, yet she got hooked in the most severe way possible. There were other girls that she came across with that did show tell signs that they could become drug addicts. Several of them had drug issues because of a previous incident. For example, one of the girls she was with had been getting raped since the age of 12. People who suffer this type of abuse are almost always prone to drug abuse. What shocked me the most was that a girl like Alice had gotten hooked. She did not come from a broken home, she had no previous emotional traumas, she was a person who you would have thought to be a regular

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