God, God And The Creator Of The Earth And Living Things

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The definition of the word religion is known as the belief or worship of a superior power, which can be known as God. God plays a major role within many different religions. However, religions with similar beliefs can differ in numerous ways as well. For instance, both the Jewish and Christian scriptures share a few beliefs in common. Both scriptures identify the belief of one God, who is almighty and the creator of the earth and living things. Both scriptures express the understanding that the Earth is God’s domain in which God demands that all humans act according to God’s commandments and they will be redeemed in the eyes of the Lord. They also follow the belief that there will be a coming of the Messiah, along with a doctrine of …show more content…

The Law, also known as the Torah contains the Five Books of Moses. These stories are about God’s creation of the world, and the relationship between God and Israel or God and man. One of the central points in the Bible’s account of the relationship between Israel and God is known as the covenant. The word covenant can be translated to mean treaty or alliance. For example, in the book of Genesis, God had promised Noah he would not send another flood to destroy the world. God throughout all of these stories has a personal name, represented in Hebrew by four consonants: YHWH. Since there are no vowels, no one is certain on how to pronounce it. Many Jews consider the name too sacred to pronounce. In the Ten Commandments it even states that God’s name should never be taken in vain.
Most modern Jews today when reading the Tanakh substitute the word “Adonai” for YHWH. Compared to the Christian scriptures, Judaism does not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Judaism follows the beliefs that God is a higher being. Judaism uses its sacred books to understand the teachings of God and what he requires of all of his people. For Christianity, the sacred books of Judaism are taken as a precaution for the divination of God through Christ that is portrayed in the New Testament. The Christian Bible consists of both the Old and New Testaments. A term known as Gnosticism influenced many Christianity beliefs. This affected the way that the

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