God 's Holiness And Illustration Of Holy Justice

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Towards a Definition of God’s Holiness & Illustration of Holy Justice

Erika Dickerson
PM101B: Spiritual Life
September 5, 2014

Throughout biblical narratives, God reveals a host of “attributes,” which I call perfections, about His divine nature, character, and function. At the center of God’s distinct, wholly unified qualities is holiness: the fundamental tenant underscored in other perfections like justice and grace. The etymological derivation of the Hebrew word (קדט) meaning, “to be holy” is qud, or “to cut or separate.” Anderson proposes that God’s holiness is revealed to us in Genesis 1:1-2 where He is distinct from the unshaped, chaotic earth but hovers “over the surface of waters.” The text reveals a positional understanding of God in relation to His creation; God is separate from nature and (wo)mankind. As Dyrness suggests, this separation disproves Near Eastern notions that holiness was entwined with nature since holiness existed before humans ever experienced it and is primarily linked to God and “bursts forth into the earth,” conveyed through people and places secondarily and only by His authority. Gentry sums up the ideas of Anderson and Dyrness in explaining that God’s holiness translates to “(absolute moral) purity and transcendence” but goes further to argue that the distance between God and creation does not imply inaccessibility, but a call to consecration and devotion, which makes God’s holiness, as Anderson…

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