God 's Spirits Of Lust

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Human Sacrifices

Satan’s spirits of lust emerge in the pagan gods Baal, Molech, and Chemosh that are all mentioned in the Bible; specifically, their practices often included distorted sexual acts, human sacrifices, cannibalism, and the eating of blood that were distinctively traits of ‘devil’ worship. Baal worship became abundant throughout much of the ancient Middle East; concurrently, in early societies Baal has a long history of perverted sex that is akin to Pan Worship within his cult rituals. Mount Hermon turned out to be one of the major centers of Baal/Pan worship that involved the brutality of human sacrifices. Baal obtained other god’s identity, such as the horned Molech; well known for child sacrifices. The various names and epithets of Baal occurring in the Old Testament and elsewhere were derived from his various aspects and the localities of his worship. For the majority of people, the cruelty of tormenting and murdering children becomes too devastating, believing that it just could not have happened. On the contrary, the Bible’s staunch position states numerous times concerning these killings, and references how the Israelites served the idols of the heathen.

In 1870, Sir Charles Warren happened to be exploring in the Lebanon region on the summit of Mount Hermon and found the ruins of a temple believed to belong to Baal. Similarly, this could be relevant to the Bible’s stating they “…destroy all their molten

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