Gods and Immortals in Marilyn Todd’s Bad Day on Mount Olympus

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Marilyn Todd’s ‘Bad Day on Mount Olympus’, retells the stories of Roman, Greek God’s and immortals, in a modern day language. The first myth system to note is the story of Io, in which Zeus, King of the gods, is unfaithful to his wife Hera, with a maiden named Io. Zeus does not want his wife to find out about this, so he turns Io, into a heifer so as Hera will never see her. ‘Jupiter thinking he’s best get in first, if he’s looking to protect the girlfriend, so… spotting a herd of cows on the hill, quick as a flash, he turns her into a heifer.’ This shows he does want to protect Io, however, we see his cowardly ways by him not telling Hera in the first place. In other interpretations of the story, we see Io get turned into a ‘beautiful white cow’ and also Zeus disguising the River Nymph as a cow meaning she can blend among a herd. The effect of doing this changes the tone of the story, in a sense of making it more comical to readers, instead of it being about betrayal and trust. The second myth system to note is Hercules and the Thespian Lion. When Hercules was 18 he killed the Thespian Lion, because it was part of his Twelve Labours in which he must abide by as penance for killing family, and once he completed all of these, Hercules was a free man once again. When Hercules killed the Lion, he wore the fur for the rest of his life, and we have mention of this in Todd’s story, ‘no one wears the full Lion’s pelt on a sweltering day like this without courting some sort of

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