Going Abroad to Study

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Education is an important factor in a person's life. People often choose to move from their countries of origins to study in foreign countries for varying reasons. Most individuals consider studying abroad as a way means of changing one’s view of the world, and as a chance to explore (Monroe 1). Many choose to study in developed countries that offer progressive education (Jasmine 5). Other students move to study for programs that are either not offered in their country of origin, or that are better than what is offered in one’s home country. Due to the fact that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, the process of acquiring education abroad has both its challenges and benefits. The process involves complying with and following…show more content…
Some countries require one to attend a visa interview before an application can be processed.
Many universities in America have lectures taught in English. People who do not have this language as their first language are required to depict proficiency in the language before they can take their desired study programs (University of Sydney para. 1). The general acceptable minimum language requirements for studying abroad include certain points requirements in IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English or personal academic English tests. This can be substituted with an International Baccalaureate, which is issued upon completion of numerous courses that include English A1/Language A, English A2/Language, English B at Higher Level with a minimum grade 4 or more or English B at Standard Level with at least grade 5. Another qualifying factor is if an individual has studied English in an English-speaking nation or a tertiary institution where English is the language of instruction. Other qualifications are based on one’s country of origin, and the level of learning that qualifies one as proficient in the English language. In my case, I studied English at Colorado State University where I scored a 5.5 in IELTS. This enabled me to be admitted to University of Michigan without having to take English programs. If one does not possess the above qualifications, they have to undertake courses in English for academic purposes. The length of these
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