Going Into The Stock Market Game

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Going into the stock market game, my initial goal was to make enough money for a down payment for a car once I am out of college (around $4,000). To achieve this goal, my two main strategies going into this game were to invest in familiar companies so that I would better understand and foresee changes in the company 's price, and invest in companies that have had a long history of stock market consistency so that my investment isn’t likely to flop very quickly. In order to earn $4,000 dollars by the time I am out of college, I will need to earn about $500 every year until my graduation. Finally, a secondary goal is to not lose more than 50% of my initial investment and prioritize consistency over a higher predicted payout.
The first stock that surprisingly exceeded my expectations was team. After the second week started, Instead of investing in knowledgeable and consistent stocks I decided to alter my strategy of continuing to invest in consistent stocks but also investing in stocks that people high up on the market watch leaderboard were investing in. At the time, I was very hesitant about investing in risky stocks because prior to investing in team I had just lost approximately $18,000 from a stock called ATV. However after much consideration I made the decision to invest in Team at $28.15 and ended up selling it at $29.97. This drastic change in value was caused by a new software release called “bit bucket”, which allows people to Collaborate on code and build and ship

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