Gold Diggers Of 1933 Analysis

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The classic film Gold Diggers Of 1933 is based in the era of the Great Depression, the aftermath of World War I which lasted from 1929 to 1939 thus the result to World War II. The Great Depression occurred during the time when films were evolving and becoming hits, but made it hard for film producers and companies since money was tight, unless you were rich and born into wealth like Brad Roberts in the film, who could easily just loan the money to the film makers. The time period and film go hand in hand as it relates to the time where life was tough in America and money wasn’t a easy thing to have access at all times. Clearly the film Gold Diggers Of 1933 indicates the time period of American life and The Great Depression

Throughout the film many references are made about the era, since the movie is a film within a film and in the beginning scene filmmaker, producer Barney Hopkins is going through practice with the show girls who are singing “Were In The Money” in the musical which talks about the Depression era ending and being long gone, Ginger Rogers sings “And so we're in the money Look up, the skies are sunny Old man depression, you are through You done us wrong”. Evidently that is not the case since right after the song ends, the police make way into the set and shut it all down, due to Hopkins not having enough money to pay for bills, fees and production cost to carry forward with the musical. It is clear that no one could afford anything and unfortunately drove

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