Goldilocks Vs. Little Red Riding Hood

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We all make decisions, but are they the right ones? Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood both made some risky and smart decisions. Goldilocks made her decisions based on what she wanted at the time. Little Red Riding Hood made her decisions thinking about her grandma. Both fairy tales deal with little girls who wander into the Forrest and encounter something they weren't expecting. While these stories sound more different then they do the same, both girls learn a very important life lesson.

Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks have different personalities and that is what makes the outcomes differ. While Goldilocks is careless, adventurous, and fearless. I mean she was lost in the woods and she didn’t panic she just knocked on a random door and went inside. She can also be very calm in a crisis, she slept and ate in a house she didn’t even know. Goldilocks was very brave for going into a house she didn't
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They are different because Goldilocks went into the woods for her own pleasure, but Little Red went into the woods to go see her sick grandmother. Another similarity of the girls is that they both ran away when a problem came. A difference between the two was that Little Red was a thinker because she questioned the wolf, but Goldilocks wasn’t because she didn't think or worry about the consequences of breaking into to bears house. Another trait that makes the girls similar is that they both knew what their attackers were trying to do.

Although Goldilocks and Little Red Riding seem different there are some similarities between the girls. Both of the girls were fearless in their journeys. Goldilocks and Little Red differed in the selfless and selfish aspect, but they both knew what their attackers were going to do. They both ran when they were scared. But in the end, they both made some decisions that led to their
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