Golf Is Not A Sport

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Golf has been under fire for several years now about its legitimacy as a sport. People all have their different takes on the matter which has caused many debates to arise. The more popular claim is that golf is indeed a sport. What is a sport? According to a sport is:“an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of acompetitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling,boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.” Golf is a sport because it meets all the requirements found in the definition of sport; It requires physical exertion, is played in a competitive manner, and requires a overwhelming amount of skill and time. Not to mention golf is literally used as an example in the definition of sport. Golf is perceived as a lazy man’s sport that does not have any physical benefits. People believe that just because old people can play the sport, it is not a good source of exercise. This is dead wrong and has been proven. Neil Wolkodoff, a sports scientist, has conducted a study on the matter. Wolkodoff gathered eight male volunteers ranging from ages 26-61. Before sending the eight men out onto the course, Wolkodoff had the volunteers run threw some test exercises. He did this to get an idea of the volunteer’s baseline calorie burning. This will help to see how much golf helped in burning calories.The volunteers then played 4 nine hole rounds and had their calorie losses recorded. The volunteers lost a whopping average of 700 calories

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