Good Country People by Flannery O'Connor

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Flannery O’Connor was a southern belle born in Savannah, Georgia in 1925. She was a Catholic girl living in the Bible belt of the country. She lived in “two different worlds” (Meyer, 421); the fictional world that she created for her stories and her personal life. In her stories, she used exciting characters so that she could live through them and live an “interesting” life. She uses her stories to portray totally unanticipated, but totally plausible things. “O’Connor’s stories present complex experiences that cannot be tidily summarized; it takes the entire story to suggest the meanings” (Meyer, 426). She uses her characters to show irony, private experiences, fears, and diverse parallels into her story “Good Country People”. One of the strongest parallels that I saw in the story was between O’Connor and the character Joy. She was the main protagonist of the story, written as an unpleasant and lonely woman who has moved home to wait for her imminent death. O’Connor’s life was much like Joy’s life in many ways. Joy was a young girl in her thirties, who had to move home because she had a “weak heart” which kept her from her the life that she desired. She was not able to teach at a university using her degree in philosophy. She lived at her childhood home in the country with her mother, reading books all day, every day. O’Connor, who also had to move home because she was getting sick with lupus, could not follow her life dreams. Lupus can sometimes be confused with a heart

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