Good Faith Marriage Case Study

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I write on behalf of our client, Carmen Rodriguez de Olivares (A# 062 817 900), in response to your Request for Evidence (RFE), dated May 14, 2015. The RFE states that the evidence submitted “does not sufficiently establish that you and your spouse entered the marriage in good faith and continue to share a life together. You also provided no evidence to establish that you were battered or subjected to extreme cruelty.” Good Faith Marriage The standard used to consider evidence submitted in support of a Battered Spouse waiver by USCIS is “any credible evidence relevant to the petition” 8 C.F.R. §204.2 (c)(2)(i). This standard of “any credible evidence” was created by Congress because it is not uncommon for immigrant victims of domestic …show more content…

Rodriguez de Olivares’ marriage and the physical/emotional abuse and extreme cruelty she suffered at the hands of her spouse: 1) A supplemental affidavit of Mrs. Rodriguez de Olivares providing further details of her marriage to Mr. Olivares and extreme cruelty she suffered during her marriage and the explanation of documentation being requested by USCIS; 2) Additional Photographs of the events shared by Mr. Olivares and Mrs. Rodriguez de Olivares and accompanying affidavit; 3) Letters from friends of Mrs. Rodriguez Olivares attesting to good faith marriage and abuse she suffered; 4) Letter from Mrs. Rodriguez de Olivares’ counselor at Dominican Women’s Development Center; 5) Letter from Highbridge Community Development Corporation, Mr. Olivares and Mrs. Rodriguez de Olivares’ landlord; and 6) Facebook Messages between Mr. Olivares and Mrs. Rodriguez Olivares We trust that attached evidence along with the previously submitted evidence will suffice to meet our burden of proof, and substantiate that Mrs. Rodriguez de Olivares entered into her marriage in good faith and suffered from physical/emotional abuse and extreme

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