Good People Are Inherently Evil

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While they are not necessarily evil – nor are they necessarily good – I believe humans are inherently conceited in a way that makes them lean more towards doing evil than good. This manifests itself as a fundamental need to exercise control over others and to raise one’s own status. Classically evil people express this need as a desire to be the most powerful, wealthy, and venerated person on Earth, controlling large groups of followers and having them bend to his or her will. Meanwhile, even people deemed the most selfless in charity and in love have an underlying selfish motivation to their actions. Firstly, I have noted that individuals whom are almost universally recognized as the most evil people in politics – totalitarian dictators like Hitler and Ghaddafi – …show more content…

Not to mention, of course, the boost in social status generous people enjoy. Next, my experiences with helping others develop romantic relationships has taught me that the participants are ultimately using their partners as a service to fulfil personal attention and affection needs rather than a duty to fulfil their same needs. As always, the subconscious control appears in the concept of ‘feeling needed’ which, as I have learned from evolutionary science publishings, was crucial to establishing civilization. In a relationship, the evil logic is “if I leave my partner, s/he will never be as happy as he/she was with me.” Thus, even the most submissive partner can assert dominance over a human like a boss-man over a yes-man. While my worldview is almost certainly skewed by an utter dearth of perspective and experience, I conclude that all humans possess greater capacity for evil than

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