`` Good People `` By Wallace

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In Wallace’s short story, “Good People”, a couple is sitting in a park near the lake on the day of their abortion appointment trying to decide whether or not they should go through with it. There is other people sitting in the park as well, but they are much further away allowing the couple to talk about the topic without a worry however no talking is really being done.
Sheri arrived at Lane’s house early that morning to discuss with mixed feelings about what she was about to endure. They left Lane’s house in attempt to discuss it, but for much of the story, Lane A. Dean Jr., the boyfriend, and Sheri Fisher, the girlfriend, sat in silence at a picnic table hoping the other spoke first. While Sheri Fisher was seen as “good people” by …show more content…

He wondered why she had not consulted with the pastor and hoped she would so that she would be convinced carrying the baby was not in her best interest. However, she does not. Sheri knew exactly what she wanted to do even though she hadn’t spoke of it yet. She also knew that their relationship would not continue with the decision she had made just as she knew he did not love her evidently with his continuous push for her to go through with the procedure even if they had to pray about it or postpone it. Sheri comes forward with her feelings stating she knows he no longer loves her or has a love for her, but she also knows that she will go through with the pregnancy and it doesn’t feel right not to. She did not care that I was not what he wanted or that it may bother her family. She did not know if it was something she could bear on her own, but she knew it was what she wanted, what was right, and what she needed to do therefore she would go through with it.
The story connects to the real world in a few separate ways each being different from the next. One way “Good People” by David Foster Wallace connects to the “real world” is the way that Sheri is a people pleaser as a lot of us are. Many people are selfish and always think of what’s in their best interest which really is not a problem at all, but then there is the few

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