Good Strategy And Bad Strategy By Richard Rumelt

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n the book, Good Strategy/Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt, the author goes into detail about the differences of good strategy and bad strategy and at the same time making clear distinctions of a company’s strategy that is implemented to achieve the company’s objective versus their objectives overall. Rumelt divides his book into numerous chapters such as what it takes to develop a good strategy, how bad strategy is formed over time and why it happens so often, chain-link systems, the science behind good strategy, and much more. A good strategy, according to Rumelt, is the first advantage because “other organizations do not have a strategy”. Most companies have unfortunately been misguided by poor strategy, and they focus on performance objectives or vague goals. Throughout the book, the author claims that a good strategy “has coherence, coordinating actions, policies, and resources as to accomplish an important end “ (Rumelt 26). In the first chapter of the book, Rumelt talks about how the Apple Corporation’s strategy and its CEO, Steve Jobs, were able to revive the company during 1997. When Steve Jobs modified Apple’s strategy, he wanted one simple thing; integrate plain strategy. Rumelt describes in the first chapter that “the power of Jobs’ strategy came from directly taking the fundamental problem wit ha focused and coordinated set of actions. He did not announce ambitious revenue or profit goals; he did not indulge in messianic visions of the future. And he did not just
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