Good Stuff in The Odyssey by Homer

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Odysseus, the protagonist in The Odyssey by Homer, is quite like a juicy burger. Just like a burger, Odysseus’ physical qualities is like a bun, and all his other traits are covered under that bun. He utilizes ideal qualities such as brute strength, he is able to persevere despite desires to give up, he is helped by gods and mortals, and he regains his glory and power at the end. It is these traits that aid him to overcome the ravaging roadblocks in his way, thus also making him an Ancient Greek epic hero. These 4 traits show that Ancient Greeks valued men who were able to remain stalwart even through tough times. One of the 4 epic hero traits that Odysseus has, is that he has a plethora of exemplary attributes. For instance, Odysseus is able to “bored (bore) that great eye socket” with an olive tree, suggesting the extent of Odysseus’ formidable might. In addition, Odysseus is also able to “strike and strike again” at the suitors while they “moaned at death”. This emphasizes the power and strength that Odysseus held. Moreover, when Eurykleia tells Penelope that if she had seen Odysseus it would have made “your (her) heart grow hot”, because Odysseus was like “a lion splashed with mire and blood”, it emphasizes Ancient Greek values of strength. Another exemplary attribute that Odysseus possesses is his contemplative and strategic mind. This can be illustrated when Odysseus cleverly uses the Kyklopes’ rams and “slung (slings) a man under… to ride there safely” (IX
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