Good Vs. Evil In Lord Of The Flies And Beowulf

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Power in all the wrong places
Good v. Evil, it’s way more than just a concept, it’s more of a lifelong struggle inside of you. What more could you do when evil is shown all around you? Many of us may see the struggle between good and evil in the people we come across everyday. Flawed individuals may be perceived as good but are bad in the eyes of someone else; it all comes down to how you see it. The exposure to things and memories you make help impact the good in you. In order to further evaluate the argument of how good can come out of evil and good can show up even when it’s not right in front of you, can be shown in both William Golding’s novel Lord of the flies and the Anonymous Anglo-Saxon poem of Beowulf. This essay asserts that, …show more content…

Grendel wasn’t intentionally evil, which is to be argued throughout this essay, but how he just wanted revenge on how he was mistreated and punished on earth. In the text it states “So times were pleasant for the people there, until finally one, a fiend out of hell began to work his evil in the world”(Unknown 99,101). and “Inside Herot there was nothing but friendship. The Shielding nation was not yet familiar with feud and betrayal”(Unknown 1016). These quotes examine the fact that characters like Grendel don’t intend to inflict evil into the world that is pure, but some either have no control over it or wickedness is all they know because of the shortage of compassion not given to them early on.
Human nature is capable of extraordinary transformations, which may result in good or evil. Representatives like Simon and Beowulf now show the importance of good to break through the corruptness of others. First illustrated is Simon. A noble character in Lord of the Flies, but not highly recognized for his understanding of how much evil can destroy you. Sadly, Simon is murdered before he is able to express how savagery means you lose a part of yourself, but he was able to show the audience that if you stand your ground when evil is presented in front of you, you can morally understand what’s truly important, and in his case die with a purpose of goodness.
Another character that died nobly like Simon is honored in a different text. This character is

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