Good vs. Evil Found in Beowulf

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Good vs. Evil Found in Beowulf In the story of Beowulf, there are many different themes found. Many people argue the main theme found in this story. This has been argued for a very long time and will go on for many more years to come. Although many themes in this story stick out and a main theme will never be accepted, one main theme is very noticeable in the story of Beowulf. The main theme found in Beowulf is good versus evil. Good versus evil is very easy to recognize. “Some people just want to do good things or choose to be good, they are considered good. Others choose to do the opposite, and do evil things, they are considered evil. The evil found in Beowulf is Grendel; he is a complete monster. The good character found in the story is Beowulf, along with other characters that fight against Grendel. Beowulf is considered the main source of good because he is the bravest, strongest, and makes a long journey just to defeat Grendel, so he can be remembered,”( Beowulf: Good vs. evil, Putz). “Goodness is represented throughout the poem by other characters of Beowulf, such as King Hrothgar, Wiglaf, and their actions,” (Beowulf good vs evil analysis, Studymode). “Goodness is not only portrayed by selfless acts, but also by its ability to purge and cleanse evil,” (Good vs Evil). Beowulf takes it upon himself to announce several great deeds that he will perform to help countries in need. One of these deeds is his offer to King Hrothgar, in which he proposes to slay

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