Goodfellas Analysis

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Film Summary: Goodfellas A young half-Irish and half-Italian boy named Henry Hill works at a cab stand in East New York, Brooklyn in 1965, for Paulie Cicero; a mob boss. Henry ran errands for the mob such as; bombing and lighting cars on fire. Henry’s father finds out that he is skipping school in return beats him. After the mob finds out about Henry’s issue with the school they threaten the mail carrier to send all of Henry’s school mail to them. Later, he meets Jimmy Conway who at the time is one of the most feared guys in the city because he is a known hitman, he would steal trucks full of cigarettes, alcohol, among other things. At the age of eleven, Jimmy has himself arrested for the first time and was doing hits for the bosses at the age of sixteen. Henry meets a young Italian boy named Tommy who is around the same age as Henry. Jimmy steals a truck full of cigarettes which Henry and Tommy sell on the streets. This results in Henry’s first arrest for selling stolen cigarettes on the streets. Fast forward to Idlewild Airport (modern day JFK Airport) 1963 where Henry and Tommy are stealing trucks from the airport, in which they conspire with truck drivers. Henry Hill, Tommy, and a security guard meet at a restaurant to plan to steal four hundred and twenty thousand dollars from Air France. Tommy brings Henry Hill along on a double date and introduces him to Karen a young Jewish woman who later becomes Henry’s wife. On June 11, 1970, Billy Batts, a mobster in the
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