Google Books and the Controversy

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Google Books and the Controversy
The progress in relation to Google books has of late sparked a cause for closer look in relation to the issue. All these problems have emanated from the argument by Google in the year 2005, that the company would start a scanning process on books and digitalize them in order to create a web based library for the world. By the year 2011, Google had gone ahead and rolled out this plan working with various partners in the scanning certain books and availing them online. Google books have faced controversy because of various issues such as copyright infringement. As pertains to copyright infringement, there has been raging debate that Google was violating the provision by scanning contents of books whose authors had not died in the past 70 years (Baksik 405).
There have also been issues regarding censorship and invasion of privacy, which probe a closer look into this issue. Economic implications have also been among the important mention as pertain to Google books with incisive looks also essential to help gather all the essential details. Controversy has also stemmed in the basis of agreements, which seems to give Google an upper hand in the arguments, an issue which is believed to be unfair to other players in the agreements. Thus speaking, it can broadly be accepted that there are serious issues pertaining Google books that have to be resolved if fairness is to be realized.
Copyright Infringement has been one of the mentions regarding the

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